Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Soy fea... siempre lo fui.
Nadie me quiere, nadie me quiso, y nadie me querrá.

Sometimes... it even hurts to breathe.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

family drama

Your aunt's son-in-law just stressed her out so badly, she had a heart-attack and died.
She was a sweet, kind-hearted lady who was a constant, almost carbon copy of your deceased grandmother.
He is a crazy mother-fucker who loves finding any excuse to sue people... and he is handicapped.

Do you:
A) get on the next flight headed for the bay area to find this fuck and beat/choke him with his own cane.
B) harbor so much hate for this motherfucker, the next time you see him, you'll push him down the highest altitude possible... in hopes he lands on the sharpest objects in the vicinity.
C) pray to a higher power that this subhuman piece of shit dies a slow, painful, and above all LONELY death.
D) cry... your last connection to your grandmother just passed away... harboring any bad feelings will only make your hypochondriac ass suffer a heart-attack, aunt-style.

How can such trash inhabit this world?