Thursday, October 30, 2008

No blackout for me come February '09!

It's official:
For the first time in my life, there is LEGAL satellite in my home!

(so many "firsts" for me this year... I didn't think this one would ever come)

Friday, October 24, 2008


Everything makes sense now!

Well... I'd rather be an alcoholic than a dumbass.

I saw

Last night I was invited to the world premier of Saw V.

Since I'm desperately seeking distractions in my life right now (I'm still walking around the house crying and whatnot... I got the whole "La Llorona" thing down pat for now... I just don't go around asking for the whereabouts of my children), I agreed to go.
I was supposed to go to my cousin's wife's baby shower... but I only dropped by for about ten minutes and left (TravelinDin and I are pretty pissed at that family right now).

Anyway... the premier was at Planet Hollywood and it took for-fucking-ever to get the damn movie started.
There was a redcarpet going on and everything... but you see, I didn't really give a shit since I don't really know the actors in the damn movie.

We were given free, unlimitied amounts of popcorn of various flavors... I ate 3 bags, to tell you the honest truth... because I don't turn down free shit... and i was interested in knowing what three of those flavors tasted like.

Anyway, once in the theater, we were introduced to 5 of the actors... then came Jigsaw himself.
While everyone was ecstatic to see him on stage... I couldn't stop thinking "Wow... I saw this man's penis in the last movie.... ewww... old man penis... " and I stopped eating my popcorn.

The movie itself was... a disappointment. You know in the last few minutes of the film where they start playing that little music as they start unraveling the truth behind the game and we're told who did what and why? Well... for all the previous movies, I've been able to unravel the truth before they even start playing that damn little music.
But this time, once I heard the song begin, I became irritated.

WTF?!? NO! WHAT?! No way! This sucked! Stop! Stop right now and fix this!

There were people outside getting our reactions. My reaction?
Each time I come out of these films... I have a new found appreciation for my body parts...
Any other comments on the movie?
[I walk away]

I'm glad I didn't cough up the 10 bucks to see this film, like I had originally planned. I would have been pissed (I mean, I was already pissed now, when they had given me unlimited, free Jalapeño-flavored popcorn and fountain drinks... AAAAAND I had met Jigsaw and thought about his penis).
And the gore in it? Eh... it was... kind of funny, to tell you the truth.

Saw creators.... your plot SUCKED.
(But the VIP treatment did rock...)

Monday, October 20, 2008

... wow...

Things weren't just crashing and burning...
things fucking EXPLODED this past weekend.


my god... I can't believe things went down like this...

I am definitely moving far, far away... Barcelona if all goes well.

I'm done.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Crashing and burning, dude.... CRASHING AND BURNING!
(there are 5 other people living in my house right now... I'm going crazy)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's all the Windex

I clean when upset.

I'm not talking "wash the dishes" type clean... I'm talking "scrub at the walls like there's no tomorrow... then scrub the floor... and hell, why don't you just polish the furniture while you're at it?" type clean.

I woke up this morning partially crippled... my right hand was in a fist that I couldn't undo.
I had stayed up until 4:30 in the morning cleaning away... my wing of the house now smells like Windex and Orange Glo.

BUT, my part of the house is magnificent, my room is FANTASTIC, and my bathroom is fucking immaculate (ahaha... pun). My soon to be houseguests better not have complaints... I'm doing it all for them... and kind of because I'm upset without my mom or news from Mexico... and I kind of don't want to go out and do the whole "Vegas" thing when these kids come. I love them and everything, but partying is so tiresome!

Talking about partying, on Thursday TravelinDin and I went to CrazyDrivingCousin's suite party.
Things were as fine as they could be (hostile, because TravelinDin and CDC are sort of feuding thanks to their birthdays being so close to each other), then these strange guys came. They weren't invited, but they knew one of the girls that was, so they made themselves at home.
Then they started pestering us (group of 4 girls, we were in one of the bedrooms chatting away about the drama going on in Mexico), and things were just growing increasingly uncomfortable... even the birthday girl was starting to freak out a bit (these guys looked like gang bangers... so, while we wanted them the fuck out ASAP, we had no idea how to do it without getting shot in the face by their Glock or some shit).
Finally, I realized we had to put an end to the situation once one of the guys mentioned:

"Yeah man, I got some E on the way... give some to the girls... get this party started with some pills! He also asked if I wanted some
yeyo, so I told him to bring that shit up too"

I noticed he looked in the room where I was with the 3 other girls... and I decided enough was enough.

"Yo, those fools are gonna bring some drugs up in your party... they're talking about ecstasy and cocaine over there..."
I told CDC and her brother.

Next thing I know, two other guys at the party come up to me and ask:
"Ey! Who are the ones who are talking about brining weed to the party?!"
"First off... it's E and cocaine... but anyway, it's the dude in the... brown hat."

Little did I know, two of the gang bangers were wearing brown hats... and guess who got confronted? The innocent one (well, as innocent as he could be).

It took a minute... and a couple of dirty looks from the gang bangers (but not gun fire!)... but they finally got kicked out of the party.

And of course... the rest of the night I felt like a hardcore narc...
AnoMALIE: the party killer.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hips don't lie...

My grandmother broke her hip today.
She's getting surgery done tomorrow.

I can't stop being worried.
The siblings (as in, my aunts and uncles) have been calling back and forth, trying to find solutions.

It looks like Mom's definitely going down to Mexico (mode of transportation is still unkown), while I'm not sure about the rest.

My head is so not here right now...

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Some stupid fuck told my dad that I
"Burned out."

Dad now uses that terminology to describe me when referring to my current state (i.e. unemployed, not in school, just RELAXING, taking a breather to enjoy life because I EARNED IT after four years of learning bullshit my folks forced me into).

"Older Brother's at Notre Dame, graduates this summer, goes to Princeton in the fall. TravelinDin graduates in the summer... AnoMALIE... she burned out."

and my diploma's hanging on the dining room wall...

How fucking sad...

(as soon as I find out what motherfucker said that about me, I'm gouging his fucking eyes out)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Planning parties SUCKS DICK!!!!

(Totally off subject: Man... was September fun this time around!! I was pretty sad to see it go)