Monday, July 28, 2008

6 hours of sleep over a 72 hour period

No sleep makes AnoMALIE a very fucking cranky, sad girl...

She should also remember to quit listening to sad music... because that shit doesn't help anyone.

(Saturday's wedding was fucking off the hook... I hate admitting that, too)

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Random thoughts I get thanks to the shit I've experienced so far:

1. If you're going to be sleeping in the same room as I am, PLEASE DON'T hover over me, stand at the foot of my bed (or the side) and stare at me as I sleep. That shit is NOT cool, I wake up alarmed, and I scream... okay?
(I say this because the night of the wedding, I came home at 5 in the morning, tried going to sleep at 6, then woke up scared shitless thanks to my grandma standing too close to my bed, staring into my face. I screamed "WOW!" and clinged to the wall like a cat. This isn't the first time people do this to me... they have a knack for it)

2. Nineteen year old boys, while cute and all that shit (like the fact that it's flattering to know they are crushing on you and whatnot), are fucking immature... don't forget that.
(Last night I was so fucking frustrated... I wanted to strangle the kid. Yeah, he's cool when he wants to be... but fuck me if I don't want to choke a bitch when he gets all irritating like yesterday)

3. Too much i-pod makes AnoMALIE a sad, sad girl.
(Minnow, your little collection of music has made me so damn bummed out!)

4. I need my vitamins, I always forget shit... like the rest of this post.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sorry, no time

What a week.

I.. well, I sort of don't know where to start... but here's a lame attempt (with tons of spelling errors, cause dude, I've been away from the English language for a while).

1. The toll of assassinated people down here went past 10... for the week.
(It was so fucking violent. There were some accidents... like this one boy who accidentally shot his mom and killed her... and then there were the fucking terrifying... like this one vengeance killing. They shot 3 family members, right? Only one of them died, so the other two were being transported by the ambulance to the nearest hospital [about 30 minutes away]. Well, these same killers stopped the ambulance, pulled the driver out saying "This isn't with you" then opened fire on the ambulance... with AK47's and just... fulminated it with bullets [is fulminate a word? it is in Mexico!]. Then there was this other one, at a Palenque [cockfights where they have singers later on in the night], where some dudes just opened fire on the crowd, killing 4, including a drug boss... then the cartel got angry and killed some of those hitmen. I mean... it's BAD right now... I don't know what the fuck I'm doing over here at the interent cafe... exposing my life like this. Damn blogger!)

2. One of my good friends got a little too fucked up... then her dad came over and accused us of being bad influences.
(Bull-fucking-shit. Ok, this girl, who's about 5 feet tall claims not to be a lightweight. So, she downed a half-bottle of tequila... and within 30 minutes, she was blacking out and freaking us all out... then came the worst part...)

3. We upset my 19-year-old friend (you know, the one that was 18 last year... that I sort of had a crush on?)
(Ok, so he lives in the biggest house in town, right?-- his dad was that huge drug lord back in the day who was killed 6 years ago-- and he's home alone, so he wanted to 1. Play guitar hero with me [we make the best Expert team possible... gold starring shit and whatnot, I mean, he's my idol now] 2. Drink with the ladies. Everything was going great up until my short friend started blacking out... and we took her upstairs to the bedrooms to fix her up. Well, my other friend had the bright idea of taking ShortFriend to 19YOF's mom's bedroom since it had a bathroom. Of course, 19YOF wasn't around at the time to protest. He just came up to the room and freaked. "DON'T YOU KNOW A FATHER'S ROOM IS SACRED?!" And then we all felt bad. I only felt bad because I knew how upset he must have been, since I've always known how special his mom is about that room... especially now, after her husband, the love of her life, died. What was worse, the ShortFriend was all fucked up, her makeup smeared and vomit on her lips, went and threw herself on 19YOF's mom's bed... that had a white, silk comforter... She vomitted all over the black marble floor... and... sweet God... it was BAD. Now 19YOF doesn't let us in the house unless it's just me, him, my sis, and his cousin. Poor kid...)

4. I was sick as a dog...
(no need for further explanation here... just that I was sick, vomitting all over the place)

5. The weddings are upon us.
(They start today... fun)

Friday, July 18, 2008

my eyes

Yesterday sucked.
I was feeling like shit, but I was still forced to stay in a different town for 4 hours.
By the 3rd hour, I was almost passing out (you see, I had these horrible cramps, accompanied by the desire to vomit). I wouldn't tell them to please leave (the people who had given me the ride).
I did, however, get a little rude by not talking or making eye-contact. My sister did the same thing.
Well, one of the times, as we were silent, one of the ladies in the room said
"Wow, you girls have very pretty eyes!!"
And you know what her sister said after that?
"Yeah, but it's the only nice thing about them."


that kind of shit only happens to me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

She has a BOYfriend now

I have a boyfriend.

He's smart (sort of).
He likes animals (not that way).
His mom's super cool (we get along like family members).
He's going to be a vet (so he claims)
He can't do anything without me (seriously... he asks me what I'm going to do before he does anything).
He caught a salamander for me and then gave it to me in a bottle (what the fuck do you feed a salamander? I didn't know, so as much as I liked Sam the salamander, I let that bitch out as soon as the "boyfriend" left back to the states yesterday)...
He's 8 years old.

I wasn't aware I was dating him... but the other day I had to spin him in this one playground game (only in Mexico, where they have dangerous playground games where the main object is to get them dizzy as fuck). You see, it's this orb thingy made of metal, where kids get in and make it spin.
Since my boyfriend is 8 and weak as hell, he can't spin people very well.
He was calling me over to spin him around, and that's when I caught him calling me his "girlfriend" to the kids around him.

Girlfriend?! Hold your horses! That's why you like it when I give you piggy back rides? NOOOOO!

So... I had a mild freakout, got over it... and continued playing with him, his little sister, and older brother.

I did refrain from giving him any more piggy back rides, however.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cool vs. Not cool

Playing volleyball as you look at terrifying dark clouds approach at an alarming speed.
Running as fast as freaking possible all the way home... trying to beat the rain you can hear nearby pounding the floor.
Not cool:
Getting caught by the rain that feels like someone just turned on a firehose aimed directly at your head.
Most un-cool:
Having some asshole drop off 5 little puppies in the front yard of the house next to you... then walking by a little later to see some truck already ran over one... two of them are missing... and the other two are huddled near their dead sibling....


Friday, July 4, 2008


How do you further trouble/confuse/traumatize a growing 15 year old boy?
Have his older female cousin give him a lingering kiss on the neck...

I swear, it was an accident. I was going to do the whole "greet with a kiss" thing we do, and next thing you know, his mom pulled my body one way, and I looked away as I kissed my little cousin.
It was too late when I realized what I was doing.
He stood there like "Ummm... ?"
As I stood there like "Fuck... I'm sorry... I was... your mom... MAN! Why'd you do that?"

Awesome times down here.