Sunday, September 6, 2009


I leave for Mexico again tonight.

My grandma just passed away...

I've never screamed for anyone like that before...

this hurts.

I have the problem where I seem to think my loved ones will live forever...
once they do go, I feel... surprised... even if they WERE in their 80s... with broken bones... and the worst case of senile dementia.
They're MY loved ones. THEY WON'T DIE.


Poor grandma...
poor mom... her birthday's Wednesday...

At least... I'll have great memories with my grandma, right?
I mean... I WAS the only one who could make her laugh this summer... (I'd sing on guitar hero, and she'd laugh at me... which I didn't mind, because I do anything to make people smile, and to make HER smile, in all that anguish she was in... I'd do ANYTHING, even if it meant having the rest of town think I was crazy with my wail-singing in the mornings and evenings. "WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SEND THE POOOOOOOR!!?!" hahaha)

Abuela, la adoro!!!!
Thank you for EVERYTHING you ever gave me... and I wish I had one one-hundredth of the courage and patience you had.
And thanks for my mean-mug... I represent Garcia to the max with that bad boy!