Tuesday, April 28, 2009

mmm... bacon!

Is it fucked up of me to sort of be happy that someone's vacation has totally been ruined?

is, huh?

Even if we're speaking MGH here?

So we talked it out... and like always, I have opted to trust... and well, basically be an idiot about it.
We're not an item by any means... but... we're at this weird place where we like each others company... so we spend hours talking to each other about 3 times a week.

Anyway, during one of these marathon conversations, we talked about his trip to Mexico.
He left Friday night, and comes back on... Sunday?
He was stoked... making huge plans of being drunk every single day, and hitting up parties left and right.
And... well...
What has been on the news this whole week?
I love pigs.

Needless to say, it totally ruined his trip, since he was planning on partying it up with his pals (boys AND gals... which no matter how much I claim not to be bothered by it, I totally lose sleep over this shit).
To kill it, today's his birthday...
and everything's cancelled/closed!!!


Oh my god... I'm terrible...
but what can I say?
Someone in Heaven really likes me.

And as an update on HHT, the gym dude:
I've totally been ignoring the poor guy.
I've done everything but physically cling to the walls at the gym, and morph into the bricks, each time I see him walking by.
It's not that he's ugly, look at him: (I would lick that body up and down until I would literally run out of saliva... wow)
But... I don't... I just... he's not... uff... it's just awkward.
And I can't forget to mention how many crazy-looking chicks I get staring at me each time HHT says what's up...
you can see them thinking shit like "WTF is he doing talking to her?! Don't talk to her, talk to ME!! MEEEEE! I WILL FUCK YOU! Boy... I. WILL. FUCK. YOU. HARD."
As I stand there like "Can I please... like... shrink... and like... can I go into the room and just disappear? What have I done to deserve this?"

I hate myself for admitting this, but I like my guys tall, nerdy, and pretty much scrawny... how sad.
... and wrong.
WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, ANOMALIE! The big... buff... coffee... mmmm.
(yet, here you have me, severely emotionally-attached to a pigeon-toed, thank-God-no-longer-teen-aged-man-child that has braces and a beer belly... my priorities are ALL fucked up!)

Friday, April 24, 2009


How do you know you're well on your way to becoming a gym rat?
More than two trainers know your name and call it out each time they see you anywhere.

Har har...
To add to that, today while sitting in one of the classes, I was calmly (somewhat sadly... I'm still wounded over MGH being... well... MGH) picking at my nail polish when I notice a dude's body standing eerily close to me.
I look up... and who is it?
THE HOT HOT TRAINER.... with the bombass body... standing next to me, looking right at me.

Hot Hot Trainer: Hi! AnoMALIE, right?
Me: Oh, yeah! Hi!
HHT: I always see you around, just thought I'd introduce myself.

(reaches out to shake my hand... at this point, I was trying my hardest not to pass out... and all the chicks in the class were staring... equally mesmerized by this gorgeous man)

(internally) Hands... so... soft... oh... my... wow... look at those arms... ohhhhh... be cool, AnoMALIE, BE COOL! (spoken) Oh, haha, well, nice to meet you, HHT.
HHT: Yeah, I thought it was about time... and you know... you make me laugh and stuff... and... heh-heh (smile)
Me: haha, cool... well, I'm sure I'll see you around (smile and wave goodbye)

Then... he awkwardly walked out of the room... and I went back to looking nonchalant... while a couple of girls stared at me.

I've heard from another trainer (I'm such a badass, I'm cool with like, 6 trainers... haha) that he's painfully shy... I'm flattered he went through the trouble of walking into a room full of girls (that turn into killer hawks in his presence) just to say what's up to little ol' me and no one else... as awkward as the exchange might have been.
And the funniest thing was that I was the more relaxed of the two. Like a day in the park (it's only once I got home that I started to be girly and all... high school about the event) for me.


And to make things even cooler... the first 2 squares of my 8-pack (I bet Dad I was going to get a 6-pack, but I'm a little too ambitious, so I've changed it to 8-pack... but of course, Dad doesn't know of this change) are starting appear. Sadly, they're the very top squares... so they don't help any when it comes to squeezing into smaller pants.... but they sure do feel nice!
(I wish my entire body cooperated like this!)

haha... the shit I talk about now... insipid.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This old thing?

I'm outside playing with my little cow (Tyson, my 116 pound pit bull) when I notice Dad grilling in a "new" outfit, a baby-blue checkered shirt with jeans of a similar blueish hue.

Me: Ah, shucks, won't you look at that... daddy's all matching!
Dad: oh... this? It's my dad's.
Me: ... oh...

I don't know... but... that just creeps me out... it's not the first time it happens, either.
I guess his siblings gave him all of my grandpa's clothes... and my dad is going off and actually wearing them...

It's just... sad... and a little creepy... but mostly sad.

Friday, April 17, 2009

big brother

I got in trouble for my previous post, so I had to remove it.

Raise your hand if you're not surprised.

I feel like I live in Orwell's 1984.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cathing up part one:

Ok, so I wasn't supposed to blog or cuss in these last 40 days... but the world seemed to have other plans for me.
I'll mention what's going on currently, followed by possibly the most fucked up scenario of the last month.

Ok, so right now I'm basically the mom of the house.
Mom left to Mexico on Saturday because her older sister, the one who raised her like a daughter, had a mild stroke and heart attack a couple of days ago. This was after my poor auntie had kidney stone issues at the first of this month.
This aunt is also the one solely in charge of caring for my grandma... and grandma is no longer walking, she has some sort of open wound on her leg... and she's just... well, an elderly (89 year old) lady who needs help.
Anyway, now TravelinDin and I are in charge of the house.
I feed the dog, clean the house, and do Mom's real work... as in... I've suddenly turned into my dad's secretary/accountant.
but I don't get paid.

I feel tired and slightly irritated.

Anyway, my irritation is only going to augment after I mention the huge drama episode I encountered last month... the one that had me on the verge of going on a violent, cuss-word-infested rampage.

So, we (as in, TravelinDin, Mooney, and I) were granted permission to go to Cancun on the second week of June.
Cool up to there.
Mooney was forced to invite this one chick, let's call her Integrity-Lacking-Brat i.e. ILB, sort of as a condition for getting the timeshare.
At first we all groaned over the idea, since we've had issues with this chick before.
When we asked, she was stoked... and basically got the rest of us excited.
Fucking electron...
Anyway, I was STUPID enough to purchase all 4 plane tickets on my credit card, through the advice of my mom.
Mom thought it was fine, since the mothers involved are childhood best friends (ILB's mom, Mooney's mom, and my mom). I had ILB's word she'd pay back.
Suddenly, close to the end of March, Mooney gets texts from ILB saying she's not gonna pay a dime, if we had an issue with that, to call her mom.

This of course, had me fuming... ready to cut a bitch.
$470... 470!!
After much crying and screaming, and trying to get the airline to give me some sort of credit... not much was fixed.

To say I was a sad blob of a mess is an understatement... I damn near dislocated my right leg and left shoulder in my kickboxing classes because I'd kick and punch so wildly.
Rage, dude, RAGE.

Anyway, after Orbitz basically told me "Too bad, soooo fucking sad... you ain't getting shit... get lost!" we did everything in our power to let the world how fucking unfair this all was, and we got a 200 dollar check from ILB's mom. That was that.
Cut your losses, and move on.

So... I did.
But not after almost suffering a stroke and almost becoming a wanted felon for aggravated assault on a dumb, spoiled bitch.

AND that's part one of how/why these last few days have been miserable.

Part two is just... dudes. Like always.

it's great to be back.

No estaba muerta... pero tampoco de parranda


Oh man... I feel as if I have been holding my breath underwater for these last couple of weeks.

I'd elaborate, but I'm tired.
Just thought I'd share a little on why I was gone for so long:

Seeing as how not cussing for 40 days and 40 nights was most likely going to fail (and while it did, I was quite good about it this time around... there were only 2 people I'd cuss around, and it was usually in Spanish) on me, I had a back-up plan-- no blogging.

I was tempted... and while I did read other people's blogs and comment once in a while, I kept away from my own.

I did write in my on-line journal once in a while... the much more personal one I've had since high school, but since it's of such a private nature, I didn't consider it blogging.
However... I learned a tough lesson in this short while:

Yes... my private diary was found by a family member... and shit went south after that... to the point where my private journal is now locked, with no one allowed entrance, but me.
This I find fucked up... because the journal has helped me so much. People were free to contact me and give me advice, console me, talk me out of bad ideas, etc. I love it.
Now, thanks to a nosy dumb fuck who misinterprets and over analyzes shit I wrote five years ago, I'm forced to keep any new readers away.

Aside from this, life has been growing increasingly fucked up.
Like I said, I'll elaborate in the future.
I'm tired... but so fucking damn happy to be back!

P.S. Happy Easter to all you who celebrate :] This used to be my favorite holiday... many of my fondest memories were created on this day.