Sunday, September 16, 2012

Calmadita Venadita.

Fuck. Took me long enough to update. My bad.
I've been back since Friday morning... after a 24.5 hour-long road trip that I BARELY recovered from... though I'm still struggling with this fucked up eye-issue:
I scared a good number of people with this shit...
But at least I'm back.

I'm tan.
I'm happy.
I'm calm.
I saw stars.
I saw/smelled wildflowers.
FINALLY saw flowers this summer.
I ran through the fields á la Heidi.
I smelled rain-soaked sand.
I got soaked as I walked in the rain.
I watched lighting storms from the comfort of a porch at 1 in the morning... sitting on a rocking chair... in complete darkness... in complete silence.
I walked my beloved unpaved streets.
I find this infinitely charming.
I chilled in my comfy pink house... even if it's starting to come apart.
Yeah, the walls are coming down...
but I still prefer sitting here, listening to the television, as I doodle away.
I sketched like a madwoman.
In case you doubt my claim of ADD...
I can't focus on just one sketch, I gotta go off and doodle random shit.
I wrote like a scholar... well, like a foul-mouthed scholar...
I laughed. A lot.
I ate... A LOT.
Tacos y cheves, left and right, day and night.
Boys were my sole company.
I made peace with one of my only two female "enemies."
Each night, I was fortunate enough to play with a brindle pitbull who was inexplicably smitten with me-- the feeling was mutual.
I also played with puppies once in a while.
cute sons of bitches.
I rode a horse!
Each morning, I woke up to this beautiful sight:
El UNICO que merece mis suspiros.
Did I mention I laughed a lot and I was happy... and that I did not shed a single tear? Well, I did cry, once, but that was when my godson paid me a surprise visit. After not seeing him for two years, I found myself sobbing with joy as he hugged me. It was really weird, the second time I ever do it... but it was so sincere. I fucking love that kid.

I ADORE being Mexican.

Viva Mexico, Cabrones.

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