Thursday, March 3, 2016

Now that's some hatin

So, this happened on Tuesday:

That's my family. I love that dude, he's pretty damn legit.
Call me crazy, but winning an Oscar is sort of... kind of a big deal.

Upon my return to FB, I noticed this photo didn't have nearly as many "likes" or comments as I'd fucking suspect something of this nature to acquire. It's a GODDAMN OSCAR! (HIS second)
Worse yet was seeing how the majority of the likes and comments were from non-family members... non-compatriots.

Here I am complaining about "haters" and whatnot... and this guy, who has legit accolades to his name, STILL doesn't get the props he deserves from his people. (I'd fucking start calling all the streets in Hometown after him, are you shitting me?!)

Ain't that some shit...
Being Mexican-American, A Mexican-American from Hometown is... a mind-fuck... a terrible, infuriating mind-fuck.

What does inspire me, besides this guy's incredible success, is how he handles the haters.
Whereas I get worked up into a fucking tizzy, he remains cool. He calmly smiles and shrugs.
"Ni modo."
And continues doing cool shit.
And that's why that guy succeeds.

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