Thursday, October 2, 2014


While on this recent trip, I ran out of space on my phone.
I did a quick fix of deleting some apps and photos I was SURE I had saved on my laptop, all to make room for a few new shots. I then went ahead and only photographed shit I deemed imperative... like cupcakes.

Today I remembered about this little problem, so I went ahead and made a huge overhaul on everything I have saved on my phone.
Photos were deleted, VIDEOS were deleted, text conversations were deleted... A shit ton of stuff was deleted.
This process upset me. BIG TIME. It obviously stirred feelings and memories I had NO INTEREST in revisiting (stuff went back to 2011... so... Ya know... it sucked).
Considering I was in the privacy of my home, completely alone, I took the liberty to cry my eyes out.

After some snotty moments with my memories passed, I found a gem.
Remember the phase where I voice-memo'ed everything?
Well, at the height of my low-carb rage, I started recording my drives... Because BOY! Do I have some horrible road-rage. The recording helped me calm that shit down.
But of course, now that I'm a cooler cat, this shit makes me laugh-- a lot.
I have a one-minute bit... Where I go on a typical cussing tirade... And OF COURSE I'm going to share it.
But the sharing will have to wait. I'm exhausted and sleepy... So... Goodnight.

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