Monday, August 4, 2014

deluded 3AM thoughts

No sleep all day.
Went shopping for final outfits and beauty products most of Sunday, then packed in a matter of twenty minutes.
Now I'm wide awake-- oh, I also ate taco after taco and a PB/Honey/Cinnamon/blueberry quesadilla as dessert at midnight-- forcing myself to pull an all-nighter so that the moment I take my seat on the bus at 6AM, I will knock the fuck out until Phoenix for some Golden Corral, then again pass out until the border... and finally once more from the border on... because FUCK being awake for that 36 hour bus ride... FUCK being awake in the Mexican side... I shit bricks in Mexico, STILL.

All I can really say is I'm pretty stoked to be going to Hometown.
My family thinks I want to head down to Mexico to "meet my other half," little do they know I'm doing it to keep my sanity... no, I'll seriously lose my fucking mind if I stay in this city any longer... I need to disconnect for a couple of weeks.

... Meet my other half... HA! Since when has that shit been a priority in my life?

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