Saturday, March 15, 2014

A little bit of everything, Mutt-face

Late night dinner, therefore, late night bedtime.
As I try to reconcile sleep, I'll go ahead and run at the mouth, as I usually do. Maybe I can get tired of staring at a screen and just pass out randomly.

So, back in November my siblings and I participated in that test that became controversial... the one that tells you not only your ancestry, but also health-related shit.
I was unfortunate enough to miss the cut-off date for the health report by three days. I was offered a refund, but decided to forgo the damn thing and get my information anyway.

My brother received his report before I did... and since he's a boy, his report was exciting as hell.
I was in suspense for a good two weeks before I was able to see my information.
What happened?
I cried. Like a racist fucking idiot. I. CRIED.

In my defense, my tears were more out of anger, because no less than two days earlier, I had entered an argument with an asshole on a friend's page who claimed we Latinas should be thankful to Africa for our attractiveness because we were ALL African.
I jumped and said "FUCK YOU, BRO. Maybe Caribbean girls, but I'm straight Native American-- we're more Asian, if anything. Get the fuck out of here with your bullshit." Well, not verbatim, but to that effect. Point being, it was a heated debate where I just wanted to reach through the screen and knock this guy's teeth out.

My results?
This is where I fucking wish I still had paintshop pro... or some other editing shit.
Fucking busted-ass Mac.

"Fuck that fucking asshole... goddamn it... fuck. Goddamn it, he was right. FUCK FUCK FUCK."

And so, guys, I'm African.
(In all seriousness, what a messy little combo I turned out to be. Oceanian, guys... Oce-fucking-anian. No wonder I'm so contradictory... I'm a little bit of everything-- except South Asian)

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