Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Proclivities. I have them. For certain groups of people.

Today is Jose's birthday... you know, the dude from The Bay with whom I have an interesting back and forth. The smarty pants who hit me upside the head at a club back in December. The dude who gets me to act like a total fucking idiot while he is cool, calm, and collected.
I like that young man.

Today is also Richard Gere's birthday, you know, the one from the wedding.
He's kind of a dick... but I can't complain about that, because I'm not the loveliest human to grace the planet either.
I make him laugh. He irritates and frustrates me. It works out wonderfully (no, it doesn't).
He's a cool dude... who does incredibly cool shit for his birthday... like what he did this year, for example:

He complimented their form.
I'm eternally jealous.

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