Wednesday, December 31, 2014

efharisto para poli 2014

I returned on Monday afternoon.
I was sick as all hell-- stomach cramped like never before. I could feel my intestines freaking the fuck out the moment I stood up from my plane seat (I should probably mention I spent all 12 hours from Zurich to Vegas sitting in my seat... not once did I get up... so uh... yeah, I was fuuuuucked up by the time it came to finally leave. Didn't help that the FIVE fucking men sitting around me were pieces of fucking shit [dude in front of me, guy to his side, guy directly to my side, guy behind that one, and guy behind me... ALL were selfish piece of shit fucking pricks who would somehow manage to shove some body part of theirs towards me/ON ME. By hour three I was really weighing the pros and cons of karate chopping the fucking shit out of their stupid body part invading my space. Caucasian men are always so motherfucking inconsiderate, in my personal experience... all five in this case were exactly that]).
I still agreed to go on a sushi run with Mooney... which turned out to be a great idea (not WHILE at sushi, since my intestines were freaking out even worse upon feeling the weight of the food entering my system), because I hadn't really eaten anything in the 15 hours spent flying.
I'm still messed up, a little, but only because I find I have very little appetite. I have to force myself to eat a second meal late in the afternoon.
I'm also having difficulty readjusting my internal clock. I have been waking up at 3:30 in the morning, and forcing myself to sleep longer... but it all goes to hell by around 5AM, when I'm finally too frustrated to try and sleep.

ANYWAY. My final days in Athens were beautiful.
I wasn't rushed to go out anywhere... it was all done on my time. People weren't pouting like fucking little pussies. No one was arguing. Guys were getting flirty with me.
I was sad to leave... but not too sad, since I now have the green light to head out there whenever I'd like.
I also have some cool plans for the future... which of course I will NEVER discuss with anyone... because when I do, shit goes to hell and my heart gets broken.

This leads me to the whole New Year's Resolution shit I tend to do every year.
Or wait...  I think I'll do the year in review. I'll leave the resolutions for tomorrow... I'll check out if I made good with the resolutions of 2014, and I'll come up with one or two for 2015 (yuck...).

This year... what should I call this year? The slow year? The "I can't really remember this year" year?
It started off somewhat fast... all excited over the things lived the last two weeks of December... where I met those cool boys.
Then BOOM! heart break after heart break... and me just disconnecting entirely from the world.
If I can say anything about the first... seven months of 2014, it's that they were painfully slow and heartbreaking.
I painted a ton, and wrote a good amount.
Did't leave Vegas until about March, for a babyshower in LA.
Then came August-- Mexico time. Mexico Time for 15 days in August, then again another 15 in September. August was unbelievably fun, September boring as shit.
Another LA trip for the filming of that one show... that was something else.
Chicago in September... that was a pain in my ass. Was it September? I forgot. No, yeah, it was, because I went to DC from there.
October I met that cute boy who made me smile and feel pretty for a few weeks.
November was... a blur of sorts... where I'd get up Saturday mornings for 6AM gym sessions... all in preparation for December.
December... December my world finally picked up. December was amazing.
What I CAN recall from this year is 1. My goddamn foot injury which lasted for MONTHS... nearly a fucking year. and 2. Weight gain. FUCK! Did I gain weight! Worst of all was that the weight was on my thighs, spot I've struggled with my entire life (no, really, even as a 7 year old, my thighs were freakishly huge). My arms bulked like a motherfucker... I have man arms... buff as shit as though I'm bracing myself to shark people at bars by asking them to some arm wrestling.
OH! This year was also composed of the boxing fiasco. It was fun in the sense that I got to hang out with my best friend on the regular basis, like we did back in our college days... but negative in the sense that it had me PISSED at the trainer worse than I've been pissed at another human for a very long time.
Hmmm... you know, now that I do some more thinking, this year was kind of the year of "Reconnecting."
Yeah, I'll call it the year of "Reconnecting."
My bond with Kelley was back to the awesome bond it was over ten years ago... I even reconnected with Lucky Soprano-- that wild girl. And the Three Musketeers were once again together quite often... I definitely loved that. I'm cooler than ever with my DudeBestie's wife... that's rad-tastic.
I made good peace with my California girls... we're back to our friendship status of 2001.
I finally had the opportunity to hang out with Clemson as I did in 2008 when I headed over to Spain for a month. That was fun, catching up and heading on adventures together.

Yeah... 2014, the year of Reconnecting to the old AnoMALIE... the better AnoMALIE. The real AnoMALIE.
It might just be hazy because I'm still all fucking sleep-deprived and confused.... but... after I do some light scrambling of my brain, it all comes back. Maybe it's just hazy because it was a chill year... with the occasional tiny heartbreak... and that hideous blowup from the other day in Athens... but overall, I was able to go back to my friendships of the "Good ol' years" and relive, even FIX the relationship.

2014, you were a little boring... but once you decided to pick up the pace, you sure as fuck picked up the pace.
Thank you for all that you gave me.
Thank you for everything you took away.
Thank you for everything you decided to keep the same.

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