Monday, January 11, 2016

dipshit optisimt

I had the opportunity to visit Turkey while in Athens.
I was very excited about this trip, especially because I said I'd never visit that country without a male partner... because I've heard too many fucked up stories about girls going out there on their own.

So, as my brother was collecting all of our passport information, he broke the news that we would all be unable to visit the country, because our passports weren't valid for sufficient enough months.

This angered me, but only at myself.
I had put off renewing my passport over the summer because I thought "Well, I have a little under a year, I'll do it the closer the date gets... maybe by then my acne will ease up."
News flash: my acne has not gotten better.
It fucking SUCKS. That's another fucking shitty thing 2015 ushered in-- fucking horrible acne. Like some goddamned teenager, I sit here with swollen, red cheeks.

Holding off this passport renewal made me miss out on Istanbul, and Japan (I had been eyeing a trip for ends of February so I could celebrate my birthday in that gorgeous country)... and now I have this fucking horrible haircut.
It is ALL A FUCKING MESS and horrible mistake because I was too much of a dipshit optimist.

AND NOW, I received a notification that my license is due to expire and I MUST renew in person.
In motherfucking person.
I've never been cool with any of my IDs, but this one I currently have is the BEST I've ever had. I look good as fuck, and I never freely admit that... because I always think I look like garbage.
But now I have a shittastic hairdo that doesn't cooperate and this fucked-up-ass face.

Good shit. Really good shit.
That's sarcasm, by the way.

I'll just laugh at how idiotic I am. It'll be ok.

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