Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It can't be

"So, uh, a certain young man did that ah... Genetic testing thing... and he's uh... quite disturbed to learn YOU appear as his uh... Close relative," she said.
"Why's that? I thought he'd be happy to learn why we have so much in common. I know I am. I get it," I said.
"Because uh... Well, come on, why else would a guy be upset to learn a girl is his relative? He's like... genuinely distressed," she said.
"Oh... Ohhhhh!" I said.

Did I mention how over the summer, JC tried getting me drunk as fuck, started asking me personal questions about my romantic life, approached me (I was laying down on my brother's sofa, kindle in one hand, glass of whiskey in the other, eyes on JC) and hovered over my mouth? No? Yes? Well, yeah, that happened. 
A normal girl probably would have lunged forward to make out or fuck or whatever the fuck "normal" girls do around handsome young guys, but I'm not "normal." I became extremely angry and agitated over this kid asking me so many questions, thinking he was such a fucking expert psychoanalyst. I raised my voice and glared at him, ultimately making him uncomfortable-- scared-- and he switched the subject JUUUUUST as the conversation reached the point where my admission to the VClub was going to be inevitable.

So yeah, I saw why this dude is now weirded out by our cousin status.

Luckily I'm not the one who on numerous occasions tried kissing the other (lol, then again, I'm also the dumb fuck who drunkenly admitted to "loving" him... And actively sought to get with his younger brother... Ahhh, life works in mysterious ways)

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