Sunday, April 6, 2014

different zones

I wish I knew how to harness the different "creative streaks" I go through.
I have zero control over the medium my brain chooses, or when it chooses to be creative... but when it gets set on doing something, it just runs with it and holds me hostage in the zone for an undetermined amount of time.
It also helps explain why artists have that reputation of starving to death. Some days you're on fire, others you're riding through a hideous creativity dry spell.

Some periods I can't do anything other than write, others I only stick to sketching... then there was that period of months spent painting.

Right now it's the sketching thing again. I haven't painted since October, when I left the painting halfway done... and I tell myself I should probably spend my energy completing the painting, but my body refuses.
I also think of some good shit to jot down, but when I get on the laptop, I can't stand staring at the screen for anything longer than half an hour.
So I'm just sketching. (and reading... I don't know why the fuck I got that urge... but I'm also reading very late into the night)

So, while some interesting stuff has occurred in the last week (like my recruitment as a bodyguard by my short, white middle-aged gym buddy who has been getting bullied by some dumb hispanic cunt... something that is funny [the recruiting of me-- the quiet, solitary girl] and sad [the fact that my buddy felt the NEED to recruit ANYONE to protect her from a mean, violent bitch. How the fuck a grownass woman feels it's OK to harass an older lady is beyond me... but so fucking infuriating]), I haven't had the inspiration to write any of it down.

Hopefully this little sketching/doodling spurt dies down a little... so I can concentrate on other shit like a normal person.

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