Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Elusive-- that's what he was.
The bride's brother said he had only managed to squeeze two or three words out of him the entire week, other groomsmen hadn't even heard his voice.

This elusive gentleman spent cocktail hour standing at the venue's front door, which was higher ground than the rest of the room.
He was like Mufasa on Pride Rock.
He stood on his hill, mojito in one hand, white umbrella in the other, silently scoping the scene.

The Billionaire...

It's odd to think of someone that way, I mean, I've never been in the presence of someone so... well off. His quiet behavior kept everyone at bay-- men, women, we all avoided him. Some were too intimidated (ME), others were jealous, others were not interested... and others... were too drunk to care.

The elusive gentleman was handsome, in his own way. Not particularly tall, or muscular... but his eyes immediately demanded your attention-- his intense stare.
He was very courteous, always allowing women first, offering his elbow as support. I had never seen such... manners.

After seeing our seating arrangement, Table 5, Betty, Sister, and I groaned. There were only three seats available, my partner was automatically booted from the table... the Billionaire club had bumped him.
Well, that's one way to make a negative impression, you selfish, self-important jerks...

The drinks flowed, the jokes followed, and Elusive Gentleman turned into Columbia Cute Witty Boy.
He would excuse himself from the table, but promise to return-- each and every time, looking each one of us girls in the eye, smiling.
He promised us he'd "dominate" the dance floor... and that he did.
He spoke Italian to us.
He sang Spanish to us.
He... smiled his sweet smile.
He promised to meet up with me next time he visits Vegas.

We became friends once I returned from my trip.
I saw his profile.
Today is his birthday (as is my father's).
He majored in art history as an undergrad.
His favorite book? The Great Gatsby.
His nickname? SERIOUS nickname everyone calls him? "The Gatsby."

Seems the Universe is hellbent on keeping memorable literary characters in my life.
I'm cool with that.

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