Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I always joke about forgetting shit when I travel to Mexico... mainly because I do it so. Fucking. Often.
I've forgotten my comb/brush, my makeup, shoes... All sorts of shit.

I'm currently traveling to Hometown... this time, I'm driving out there with both my parents.
We packed every damn thing we sensed we'd want out there. Last night, I even grabbed two decks of cards and stuffed them in my purse. "Ain't no way I'm forgetting this shit for a fifth straight trip!"

Today I ran around town, buying last minute items for the trip. I purchased undershirts, BEEF JERKY (motherfucking IMPERATIVE), protein powder, and protein bars.
I threaded my eyebrows. I hit the gym.

I felt ready. 
It's what I like about road trips-- you can leave whenever you want, with whatever you want... no need for TSA compliance. You can go dressed however you want without worrying about some pervert ogling the fuck out of you for 36 hours.

I was ready.
I handed my house key to my bestie... something I've never done before since in the past we relied on our relatives for that... but times have changed... people have changed... and now there is probably no other person in the world I trust more than my best friend. 

I finally left.
One of the tire pressure sensors is dead, but we went directly to a tire place where they checked it out, and made sure our tire is fine.

I've been on the road for about an hour and a half... and about an hour in, I realized I forgot something.
Something important, but not vital, I suppose.
What did BRUTEoMALIE forget?
Underwear. I forgot to pack my FUCKING UNDERWEAR. My motherfucking underwear.

... I suppose I'll go ahead and mark this two-week trip as uh... one of my most liberating.

I am an IDIOT!

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