Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cruzar los dedos

First of all, shout-out to Mooney, for the helpful hint in regards to my eye. I woke up fresh-faced... and even happy, after seeing my eyelid was back to normal. Hooray for eye-techs in the family!
This success only made me cheer the fuck up... and although I was still aggressive and shooting death-stares at some jackoffs at the gym, I was chirpy all other parts of the day.

Chirpiness is exhausting... so... I'm going to bed without much insightful bullshit... or existential drama... or straight up neurotic rants.

I'll just let one of my favorite lyricist, Gustavo Cerati, speak for me.
It would have been cool if the person responsible for this image wouldn't have misspelled Cerati's name.
God, I love that man... even if he is Argentinian. My heart hurts when I think of him.
Yo cruzaré los dedos.

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