Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Le Mexique, for real now

What does AnoMALIE do when she's not having the time of her life?
Drastic, rash shit.

If my hair is beyond 18 inches long, I cut it.
If my hair is light brown I dye it dark... or vice-versa.
Shit like that.

Again, I've decided I'm going to do something somewhat crazy: (I have a feeling I've said this numerous times already and never followed through...) I'm going to Hometown.
My aunt invited me to go with her on the 27th of this month until somewhere around the 13th of September, and I said "Fuck it. Let's do this thing."
Hey, it's better than snorting cocaine.

This is me, participating in reckless behavior.
While I don't necessarily want to die... I don't really give a shit if I do.
No, I won't actively seek death... but I just... won't care.
Best case scenario: I chill the fuck out and have an awesome time in hometown... return relaxed.
Worst case scenario: I die.
Whatevs. I'm down.

This now requires shopping... lots and lots of shopping.
This makes me happy.

(Today has been quite the happy day, even if I once again only got about three hours of sleep. I once again woke up at 5 in the morning to start running errands by 8. This whole being home alone thing is being a burden because I'm in charge of so much shit, not just house-wise, but also at work. I suck at being a people-person, yet here I am, bill-collecting, depositing checks... screaming at employees because they don't get off their motherfucking Playstation Portable--you're working, you fucktard! Put that shit away!-- writing receipts... that sort of boring shit. But in all, I'm a happy camper)

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