Friday, July 27, 2012

BIG Heart

I don't know why this sort of shit happens to me, but it does.
AGAIN, I had the intention of posting part one of the series of the "short story" but of course! because my life isn't sufficiently out of wack, I get more bad news.

My auntie, the one who likes buying me random shit, the one who gives me (often hilarious but also unsolicited) advice, has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart.
Poor Aunt was freaking the fuck out when she told my mom. Of course I'm told this shit because, as stated before, apparently my bio degree translates to "Doctor" in my family.
Guys, I'm an imbecile, calm down and quit telling me your health problems...

Always difficult to watch someone panic before your eyes.
She was told her final results would be given to her next week... whatever that means.

Seriously, Universe... you done, big man? You good? Or you got some more fucking shit up your sleeve?
I'm sorry. I'm just frustrated. Please take it easy on me. Please put someone else in your sights. I'm done. Please.

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