Sunday, July 29, 2012

Candy Kids

Yeah, yeah, another cheat update. But I'll be motherfucking damned if I don't update EVERY SINGLE DAY of July. I'm SO close!

Anyway, guess what I've been up to?
Aside from listening to a bunch of back-handed compliments and playing video games like a prepubescent boy... I've been baby sitting the kids.
As if taking care of the 10 year old (who is actually 12) and the 19 year old (who is actually 20) wasn't enough, they decided to add a 9 year old to the mix.

I get to baby-sit them as their parents gamble the night away.

To say I'm frustrated would be... kind of putting it mildly.
I want to punch strangers, that's how irritated I am.
The kids I've warmed up to... but I just want to chill sometimes, and all these kids want to do is eat candy. SO MUCH fucking candy.

I went ahead and lost all credibility, all trust, due to me being "inconsiderate and irresponsible" after allowing the fucking nine year old little jerk swindle me into taking her to the goddamn M&M factory or whatever the fuck that's called.
We were at the Paris... at Sugar Factory... and the little brat got her panties in a bunch and demanded I take her to the M&M place. Upon hearing this, the 12 and 20 year olds joined her strike.
Me, being the EVER vindictive, angry cunt I am, decided we WERE going to go to the stupid M&M place... WALKING.
Wanna boss ME around, you little fuckers? Let's walk... no, JOG over to the M&M place. Suck on THOSE balls.
Of course, while I got my way and irritated the fuck out of the kids... not to mention their feet were KILLING them, I also got scolded by the adults... because this walk took us a great deal of time to complete.
... but only because the little bitch wanted M&Ms at 10PM... she would have been home at a decent hour had she listened to me and gone for the goddamned Sugar Factory cupcakes...
Anyway, the parents were upset with me... and now they think they "know" me. I'm really just a fake-humble girl who really just likes getting in trouble and staying out late. Yup. Totally me. All the time.

At least it gets my mind off things, right?

I look to the skies and continuously scream "WHAAAAAAAAAT NOW?!"
For real. Just... what else can be expected out of me... what other fucking lemons are going to be handed to me before this month is over?

... I promise I'll never, ever, EVER smile for more than three consecutive days. That shit has cost me a shit-ton of tears and frustration...

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