Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dream, dream, dream.

The thing I hate about being a dreamer:
-Is how no matter how threateningly I tell my conscious NOT to think of you, I still do.
-Is how no matter how often I go somewhere, I'll still "see" you there. Anything can, and will, be contrived to something related to you.
- Is that I convince myself that... things can work out... that maybe, at some time, you thought I even had a chance... maybe I just missed the train?
-Is that no matter how many flaws I try to find in you... I can't. I... can't.

Worst thing about being a dreamer?
In my mind, you will always... always be the best person I ever encountered... regardless of how many new people I meet... and regardless of how many cities, and countries I visit.

Eres lo mas hermoso, mas intrigante... atractivo, que mis ojos hayan visto, mis oídos hayan escuchado, y mi mente haya soñado. 
Algo que nunca tuve, y jamas tendré. 

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