Tuesday, November 13, 2012

No benefit

I hate myself for giving others the benefit of the doubt. I fucking HATE it.

I claim to be a badass and mean and heartless...
but shiiiiit, I trust people NOT to assholes TOO OFTEN.

I also claim I'm going to be an adult in my conduct with others...
but that too is a fucking mistake, and I immediately resort to kindergarten behavior.

I need to pull someone's hair... and kick in their teeth... and scratch out their eyes.
Fuck, I'm immature... and angry.


Mooney said...

Don't feel bad, I get like that too. It usually happens when I'm at work, but at least you're not depressed and crying at night for no reason like someone I know.

People suck. Plain and simple.

Kelley Karas said...

I have a punching bag.. and my old boxing gloves. and a snowboard.... yup you're going with me sometime.. we'll take out aggression on the snow.