Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I'm going to start a section on here: Candid AnoMALIE.

I get a huge kick out of finding candid photos of me on Facebook.
I'm not talking about photos my friends intentionally shot in my direction and I did the "Donkey-AnoMALIE" thing where I look away like a jackass. I'm talking about photos where I was clearly not the intended target... photos where you could say I'm... in the way.
I fucking love those.
Today's photo comes courtesy of one of my cousin's friends, who was aiming for my cousin--the birthday girl-- and since she decided to sit next to me as she cut the cake, I make an accidental appearance. I'm pretty fucking candid on this... I'm definitely minding my own business, and busting a HARDCORE AnoMALIE-ism:
My famous "Don't you fucking touch me!" pose.
I laughed for about a minute, non-stop, until I had to catch my breath.
Typical AnoMALIE. The party's crackin' and I'm sitting down... entertained by the little girl doing suicides (breakdancing move where the dance ends as the breaker violently drops to the floor on his back/chest... that move that looks like it hurts like hell. Yeah, a three year old was doing that) on the giant footrest next to me.
I'm easily entertained, and never really give a shit about being around all the fuss... and this clearly showcases my attitude.
I can assure you all I'm really thinking is "Who the fuck taught her that? Everyone in her family moves like a hermit crab. Kids can be cool... I guess."

Oh, sweet baby Jesus... there is no doubt in my mind that regular folk think I'm a weirdo...
I totally am.

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