Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The strange

I'm terrible when it comes to halloween. Mom never allowed me to celebrate, and now that I'm an adult, I am the SHITTIEST when costumes are in question.
I could go the easy route and buy a slutty costume... or be creative.

I always gun for creativity. I'm strange like that.

This year, I have four costumes to choose from:
1. Chola... I'm STOKED about this one... but I'm also scared of getting shot or accused of a crime I didn't commit. I play quite the convincing chola, let me tell you... even if I DO have thick eyebrows.

2. Princess Bubblegum. The character has grown on me.

3. Renaissance girl. For some reason, my sister was in a quinceañera where the weird girl wanted her court to be dressed like a loser. For a weirder reason, I fit in this dress now. It really showcases my tits... which makes this more of a NO.

4. Belle. Again, my sister was in a quinceañera where the girl was weird and required her court to dress up like Beauty and the Beast. This is more of a no because... well, I can't really pull off a Disney Princess... especially not right now, considering I'm not at the best sentimental state... I'm a bitter fucking cunt right now.

In order to go for the Princess Bubblegum idea, I'd have to find a long, pink wig. I have everything else.
I decided to go to the costume shop and look around.
Everything was fine and dandy, up until the dweebiest worker in the the store approached me.
He was dweeby in a sweet, lanky, kind way... he was talkative as hell, so I decided to see if he could help me.
Me: I'm looking for... a long pink wig...
Him: Oh, well, if you would look to your left, that entire wall is full of wigs.
Me: Yeah, but I need a pink wig...
Him: There's this really cool pink-with-purple wig... Anime style.
Do I give off the anime vibe? Last time I scoped that shit I was twelve and watching Sailor Moon.
Me: Well... it's 'cause...
Should I tell him?
Me: Not sure if you watch this... but I'm planning on a Princess Bubblegum outfit... from Adventure Time.
His eyes grow large.
Him: Oh, well, no... the longest wig is that one... so... you're probably better off just looking for it on-line.
I thank him... then he continues.
Him: That's like... the first time I hear someone say they're going to be Princess Bubblegum... that's... so cool.
Me: Thanks. I'm doing it with my friend, since he's going to be Finn.

The kid talked to me for ten minutes. We somehow got into Tim Burton... and I just wanted to hug him.
Cute, awkward young kids... it makes me smile how happy they look when they find someone as... weird as them. Their comfort after identifying with someone. It warms my heart.
My heart will always belong to the strange.


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