Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Fuck, man!
I promise I've been trying to catch up with the updates, but sometimes it's just too damn impossible.

I've been busy dealing with my Godson.
His contest was this past weekend, and while he did win "best body," he didn't make the top 5.

I don't think he's depressed... but as is customary with our family, he's angry.
It's what happens when you become disillusioned.

These three were the winners:
1st place:

2nd place:

3rd place:

My godson:


I've had the job of talking to the relatives states side.
I've also been having a back and forth with Godson, convincing him that:
Babe, I don't care what the outcome, and I don't care that we're related, but I'm serious when I say: You were the best. Don't let this shit get you down. Please.

Let's be real:
* The winer looks like he's sniffing cat piss... and he probably fucked the guys and girls running the show. Come on now. Let's not kid ourselves.
* Second place... well, not gonna lie, I liked him. He's handsome. When I think "Handsome Mexican Man" I do think of this sort of guy. Only part I'd be able to critique would be his ass. It's odd. But other than that, the son of a bitch is handsome.
* Third place. Don't get me started on Third Place. It's something I'll never understand about fucking Mexico. They're so into the European-look bullshit. Which is retarded. If they wanted European looks, for an international setting, guess what? A REAL European will take the crown... not a Mexican of European decent. They have the legitimate Euros in the competition... so why don't you just select a MEXICAN look to represent MEXICO? Tan is where it's at, idiots. When Miss Mexico won Miss Universe... what did she look like? That's right, like a tan, brown-eyed, brunette MEXICAN. Not a blonde, blue-eyed, Mexican of European decent. And this kid... COME ON! COME ONNNNNNN! He has no definition... whatsoFUCKINGever.

I'll never get you, Mexico. Bunch of morons. Bunch of self-loathing, racist morons.

Anyway... that's pretty much what I've been telling my kid.
As far as the stateside relatives, I've had to reassure them my kid is ok... and that they shouldn't pity him. I've been dealing with texts similar to this:

And my answer has typically been along these lines:

Then it snowballs into this agitated exchange:
Don't act like you give a fuck. "Legalities of it"... ? You mean "politics"? Because "legalities" are non-existant here.

So... hmm. Interesting couple of days to come, I'm sure.
AngroMALIE is sure to stick around a bit longer.


Mooney said...

UGH!!!! "THEIR"?! WTF!!! It's THERE. :/ *biggest pet-peeve EVER*

AnoMALIE said...

Yeah, drove me crazy. At first I gave her a shot because I thought it was an accident, but she then went off and did it multiple times. Some people never learn.