Thursday, October 18, 2012

High-five my genetics

Guy: Miss! Miss!
Me: ... yes?
Guy: Can I ask you a question?
Me: ...
Guy: Do you consider yourself a good person or a bad person?
Me: ... well, I can be either depending on the situation...

I get the strangest people approaching me.
This time around, I was making a quick pitstop in the ghetto... the ghetto mall, when this young blond guy stopped me as I walked towards the ONE store I was risking my life for.
He tried convincing me he went to UNLV and was conducting a study on... human behavior or something like that.
Dude was playing these crazy mind games... those weird tricks teachers always played on students back in middle school to see who payed attention to instructions.
I was rushed, sort of scared... annoyed... and oddly enough, feeling very sorry for the guy. He looked more like a meth-addict than a college student (not that those two are mutually exclusive...), around 23 years old.

Why did I stay? He thought I was 21... then he high-fived me after I told him I was 27.
"High-five to your awesome genetics!"
I mean... how could I be mean to a dude who makes me high-five that shit? Kid could have shanked me for all I cared.

I spent the rest of the evening wondering if the dude mindfucked me into doing something stupid... or worse yet, if he robbed me gypsy-style and I hadn't noticed.

I need to quit being such a stereotypical chick.

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