Friday, October 5, 2012

useless rant

Guess who re-injured her right rotator cuff...
THIS idiot!

The last two days have been rough, because I find myself getting aggravated by nearly everything.
Yesterday I stormed out of the gym, throwing my first ugly tantrum at that holy location, and today I was still pissed about it... so as I was throwing right hooks, I went too wild and BAM! PAIN!

It's so fucking hard to be calm and pleasant.
Add to that, I'm bloated as fuck... so... I'm... extra frustrated, continuously slapping my stomach. Doesn't everyone do that when angry at themselves? No? Just me? Ok.

Honestly, it's difficult to come up with topics, or writing about anything, because all I really want to do is lay on my stomach and sleep.

Only reason I'm even on here is to keep up with my goal of writing an entry a day.
So, that's what I write today. I'm angry, I'm bloated, and I have an injured rotator cuff that makes me whimper whenever I move.

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